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Chemical Stripping and Media Blasting

Time is money, so let us use our equipment to save you both. Even if you are not powder coating your part but need the old coating removed put TEC to work on that. TEC has media blasting and chemical stripping right in house to work on your part. We have a 210 gallon Greensolv Chemical heated strip tank. 210 gallons of environmentally safe stripping magic. Greensolv doesn’t care what type of paint was on your part it’s coming off. This Eco-friendly product quickly and effectively removes paint from the most intricate parts. Small parts are no worry with a unique batch system. At TEC, we also have in house a large blast cabinet to annihilate those coatings and give your part a nice profile for the new coating to cling to.

Greensolv Chemical heated strip tank
Snow Blower 2.jpg
Chemical Strip.jpg
Greensolv 2.jpg
Snowblower Stripped.jpg
Chemical Strip 1.jpg
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